Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cross County Day at Rolex.

Yesterday was a day to walk the cross country course several more times to check and double-check all lines. The course is long 6270 meters and we will be galloping at 570 meters/minute. The optimum time is 11 minutes. Our start is set for 10:55 ET. We are all hoping the stormy weather holds off until end of cross country.

The jumps will require that the horses jump "big" and this suits Ernie's cross country style. Ernie is very relaxed and enjoyed a day off from competition yesterday. I rode him for a while and he feels ready to go.  He spent most of the day relaxing in his stall, going for walks and grazing with all of the other big boys - Woodburn, The Alchymest, Courageous Comet, The Foreman and more. All of the horses seems ready to go. It's amazing to see them all just be horses when they are not competing. It's equally amazing to see them doing their jobs. They are truly professionals.

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