Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 Richland Park HT CIC Three Star

Pawlow, "Ernie," and Andromaque, "Missie," and I competed this past weekend in the CIC Three Star division. Both horses were excellent and were double clear cross country. Ernie had one rail down in stadium and finished in good position at fifth place. Missie was amazing. This was her first CIC Three Star and finished 11th in excellent company.

Cross-country day at Richland Park saw 240 riders galloping through sun soaked fields, picturesque woods, and over pristine fences. The Adequan USEA Gold Cup Division was the highlight of the day, and there were very few problems on course. Check out the photo gallery by clicking here.

It was great to have my friend and Ernie and Missie's owner, Jennifer Mosing, with us at the event. It always makes campaigning a better experience. Next stop the AEC.

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