Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wow what a last couple of weeks!

Adromaque “Missie” wins Southern Pines 2013.
© Photo by Leslie Mintz/USEA 

Southern Pines advanced horse trials went fantastic with “Missie” and “Ernie” taking the top 2 spots in the advanced! “Missie” led from start to finish and I was very pleased with her in all 3 phases. “Ernie” was a star and posted the fasted time cross country adding just 2.8 time penalties. He was the recipient of the Antigua cup which is given to the advanced horse closest to the optimum time. “PNut” was a star in the intermediate and I am very hopeful for his future. I feel like I am in a cartoon when I ride him as he makes everything feel so small! 

The Fork was this past weekend and all in all we had a good go. “Missie”, “Andy”, and “PNut” all had to do their dressage in the 30 degree weather and pouring rain on saturday and I was very happy with all three of their test in the conditions they were in. “Ernie” was a little naughty in the dressage, but I take total blame as I tried a new warm up technique that didn't go to plan…. better there than Rolex! 

All 4 jumped super show jump rounds both “Missie” and “Andy” jumping clean and “Ernie” and “PNut” having one down each but I was happy with all. The 3 boys posted double clear rounds in the cross country and felt amazing. “Ernie” feels on form for Rolex and I am excited about the next 3 weeks! “Missie” had a fantastic round and was pure class. At the second to last combination (cheese wedge to the table) I was right on the time and set up for the skinny I saw my distance and I felt her lock on…. but she was locked onto the post of the barn with bushes beside it. I realized when I was 3 strides out that she didn't see the cheese wedge and tried to hold the line but she never saw it and literally ran into the flag. I got my canter back and re-approached and she jumped it beautifully. With the 20 penalty points I acquired I coasted home and she was super through the last combination of the double corners! It was an honest mistake and hindsight I should have spent more time to make sure she really saw what I saw…. That is why I love this sport! “Ernie” heads to Rolex in 3 weeks time… fingers crossed!

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